Varoulko Seaside – arguably the best restaurant in Athens.

Where does one experience the best of what Greece has to offer in one classy and modern, yet charmingly traditional location, without leaving Athens? Chef Lefteris Lazarou has managed to combine all the elements that everyone loves about Greece in his multi-award-winning restaurant, Varoulko Seaside in picturesque Mikrolimano, Pireaus.

Mikrolimano Marina
Picturesque views of the marina from the tables.

As  you walk into Varoulko Seaside, you are captivated by the sight of the marina with the mishmash of small fishing boats and larger sailing boats parked literally a stone’s throw away from the tables. You could easily be fooled into thinking you are in a tiny fishing village on one of the Greek islands. But then you notice the contrast to the stylish interior and you know that this is no traditional taverna by the sea, and by no means an ordinary Greek restaurant.

Varoulko crayfish tartar
Crayfish tartar with fresh basil, yuzu, ginger, and grapefruit. This combination of intense fresh flavours works surprisingly well.

Everything on the menu is inspired by the sea and includes ingredients traditionally used in Greek cuisine. But nothing tastes traditional – nor does it come anywhere close to what you are traditionally used to. Each bite is an experience – like a journey where the past flows into the future, where  traditional ingredients are combined with the non-traditional in surprising ways, sometimes tricking the mind into seeing something familiar, but tasting something different. This element of surprise is evident in sometimes subtle, sometimes blatant ways in almost every dish.

The squid pesto Genovese on a potato nest and tomato confit, easily tricks your mind and tastebuds into thinking this is pasta.

If you’re feeling adventurous, and are not afraid to try dishes you may never otherwise choose, allow the chef to make his recommendations. I guarantee you will not be disappointed. Only pleasantly surprised.




Akti Koumoundourou 54
Mikrolimano, Piraeus
Phone: (+30) 210 5228400

Dress code: Smart casual

Price range: Pricy but good value for money.

Parking: Valet parking available

Tips: Make your reservation well in advance and ask for a table by the window.

Best time to go: Sunset, any time of the year.



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