Cape Town’s must-visit winefarms.

I can’t imagine  visiting Cape Town and not spending at least one day in the surrounding wine farms. What better way to spend a warm sunny day than taking a road trip through the magnificent Cape countryside and spending the day strolling through vineyards, and sampling world-class wines and food in beautiful landscaped gardens?

With 18 official wine routes and over 200 wine producers, it’s hard to choose just a few farms to visit, but here are my recommendations for spending a full day at Stellenbosch’s finest.


Lakeside al fresco dining at Jordan.

Start your day off with breakfast at Jordan Wine Estate. The smell of a burning wood oven and freshly baked bread from the Jordan Bakery is one of the first things to greet you as you drive up to the Estate. Sit under the trees next to the small lake and enjoy freshly brewed coffee, pastries and of course the delicious bread straight out of the wood oven, before commencing with your first wine-tasting of the day. (It’s never to early, right?)

Enjoy the Real McCoy! 2017 Riesling
The smells of wine, flowers, and baking bread compete with each other at Jordan.
164 Hectares of serene surroundings .



One of the stunning sculptures at Tokara.

Tokara Wine Estate combines two of my favourite things: exceptional wines and beautiful works of art. Visit Tokara Wine Estate to see the curated art collection and sculpture garden, and of course sample amazing wines.

Perfectly chilled Tokara Chardonnay.

Delaire Graff Estate

Delaire Graff Estate provides an unrivaled art, taste, and ultimate luxury experience.

As beautiful as the other winefarms are, Delaire Graff is by far my favourite. There are no words to describe the aesthetic of this estate. From the beautifully sculptured gardens, to the magnificent art sprinkled throughout, to the one-of-a-kind dining experience and exceptional wines, this farm will leave you in awe.

Commanding sculptures guard the corridors of the main building.


Exterior water feature.


Organise your day so that you can have lunch at the exclusive Delaire Graff restaurant. Enjoy fine dining with views of the surrounding mountains and vineyards. The menu is seasonal amd inspired by locally grown, ethically sourced ingredients, many of which grow on the farm itself. Skip the dessert, as the next estate on our trip will be a sweet one.

Exceptional food, exceptional wine.

Powerful and aromatic red blend


Is this Stellenbosch or Tuscany? Enjoy Waterford’s beautiful courtyard.

End off your day with wine and chocolate pairing at Waterford.  A trip to Waterford Wine Estate is like taking a trip into the heart of Tuscany, with its beautiful stone buildings and central courtyard and fountain. The wine cellars surround the courtyard where you can while away the rest of the afternoon sampling wine and chocolate… can you think of a better pair?

Rose and lavendar all day.
Wine everywhere.


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