Nusr-et: A Meat lover’s delight in Dubai.

Delicious and succulent lamb chops served with course salt and herbs.

Nusr-et, the signature restaurant of the famous ” Salt-bae” Nusret Gökçe, the Turkish butcher who became an Instagram sensation because of the unique way he seasons meat, is located at the luxurious Four Seasons Resort in Dubai. As with its sister establishments in other prime locations around the globe, a trip to Nusr-et Dubai is like  stepping into Istanbul: the first thing that strikes you is the appearance of the staff, with their big black mustaches (I was sure they are fake, but was assured they aren’t) in their old-style black and white waiters’ uniforms.

Hamburgers served with thinly-cut fresh fries.

Nusr-et is a meat lover’s paradise, with the menu including everything a meat lover would want, from big cuts of succulent grilled lamb chops imported from Turkey, to hamburgers served with delicious hand – cut fries.

But as good as the food may be, the highlight of the meal has to be the way the food is served at the table, with the cutting of the meat and the seasoning of it in typical “Salt -bae” manner, resembling more of a pre-meal show than anything else. If you’re lucky – unfortuntately I wasn’t – Mr Salt Bae himself may make an appearance and serve your meal himself in what I can only imagine must be even more of a grandeur show.

No special meal is complete without desert, and here too you won’t be disappointed. The most popular desert on the menu, baklava served with ice – cream, too is served in typical Salt Bae manner. The baklava is brought to the table in a huge tin dish that looks like it was just pulled out of the oven, making it very difficult to resist. Each piece is sliced in the middle, smeared with dollops of ice – cream, and put together again. All this accompanied by a series of ceremonial clinking of knives and forks after each move.

The meal ends off with a delicious herbal tea.

Shows and displays of seasoning techniques aside, the food is delicious, with generous portions and a good variety to suit all tastes. Try the lamb chops and the burgers, and definitely go for the baklava at the end. And don’t forget to record the serving of the meat for your Instagram feed.


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