Five top restaurants for a sunset dinner on the Athens coast.

There is nothing I enjoy more than eating by the sea… especially at sunset in summer. Luckily, there are plenty of places in Athens where you can relax and nibble on good food, sip on a glass of ouzo or wine, and watch the sun going down  before it disappears into the sea.

There is something about the twilight that makes people relax and wind down, and if you combine that with a good meal and wine, you’ve got a winner. Here are some top places for watching the sun set over dinner on the Athens coast.

1. Garbi

This seaside seafood taverna offers great food and possibly the best sunset view from your table. Gaze over the water and the late afternoon swimmers as you sip on chilled wine and nibble on meze. The tartar, clams, and carpaccio are always fresh and tasty. Ask the waiter if they have fresh lobster; the lobster pasta is very good and not too heavy.

The sunset view from the tables at Garbi is incredible.

2. Ithaki

While you won’t actually see the sun setting into the sea here, this upscale restaurant is definitely worth visiting as the sun goes down. It is perched on a cliff side overlooking Astir beach in Vouliagmeni and the view is absolutely stunning. The menu includes Asian fusion and modern mediterranean dishes and is a favourite amongst international jet setters. Be sure to reserve a table way in advance and ask for one of the front tables with the best view.

Beautiful view over the sea from Ithaki restaurant.

3. Varoulko Seaside

You can’t go wrong with this Michelen Star restaurant, the food is incredible and so is the location.  Set in picturesque Mikrolimano marina, this restaurant was the first to be awarded a Michelen star for Greek food in Greece. Chef Lefteris Lazarou’s signature dishes are inspired by the sea; the menu is creative, the dishes are all a delicious interesting take on classic mediterranean fare.

Picturesque view of the boats in the marina.

4. Krabo Beach, Vouliagmeni

Krabo beach fast became popular with Athenians and travellers alike. It has a tropical feel to it with an ethnic flavour. It’s a great place to escape to for sunset cocktails and a bite to eat at the end of the day or for a late dinner. The atmosphere is upbeat and lively and is a favourite spot for drinks at the bar or on the beach loungers.

Relaxed tropical island atmosphere at Krabo.

5. 40Forty

If you’re looking for a more chilled and relaxed atmosphere where you can watch the sun set and sit with your bare feet in the sand, then 40Forty bar restaurant is the place to be. Located on Astir beach in Vouliagmeni, this all day restaurant is a favourite among trendy Athenians.  This is a perfect spot to enjoy a sunset cocktail after spending the day on the beach, followed by a delicious meal accompanied by chill music. You literally eat in the sand and can hear the water lapping on the beach nearby.

Chilled end-of-day atmosphere at 40Forty.

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